Our Mission: To REACH out and serve all students who need support, by helping them attain their place in life through academic and interpersonal success.

REACH Team visits the Minnesota Vikings

Be Proud is how I start this.

The REACH Team made the trip to the MN Viking Facilities yesterday being invited by Chad Greenway. Chad and his wife, Jenni invited the kids after receiving letters of appreciation from our REACH students for the Greenway's contribution to the program. They were so touched by the kids stories and the Thank you's that they wanted to provide a positive experience for students who have many challenges in their lives. We were met by a number of Vikings employees that shared their stories on how they got to where they were at working for the Vikings. The Head Chef's story really stood out. She started right out of high school washing dishes and busing tables and realized she wanted to become the Head Chef. Put in the long hrs and committed herself to that goal. We were told by the head of Security that in the 10 yrs he has covered security for the Vikings- they have never allowed a group of this size on the practice field standing w/ the players while they practiced. They will occasionally have a group from Make A Wish that runs 3-4 people. He even shared that they have Viking employees that have worked there for a number of yrs not allowed on the field. "it just don't happen" he said. The REACH Team that consisted of 30 students were recognized by Viking's management for how they conducted themselves. The Head of Vikings PR made the comment- "We love your energy!" Each REACH student shook hands w/ Viking Management and players while looking them in the eye and saying "Thank You for this experience".

Every player went down the line and signed shirts, balls, jerseys. A REACH shirt was given to Lezlie Frazer to welcome him to the Team. Steve Hutchinson was given a HUTCH Strength T-shirt by one of our REACH students, who proudly shared he was elected FB captain next yr.

On the way home we ate as a TEAM / Family at Old Country Buffet. As we arrived home the kids Thanked the bus driver, each giving a dollar tip. As I did the walk through on the bus, the bus driver said, "I want to Thank you for a great experience. I have never been part of something like this. Your group was one of the best we've had!" That last comment is something WE all need to be very proud of. WE are reaching these kids that most have many reasons to quit, but now feel they BELONG!

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