Our Mission: To REACH out and serve all students who need support, by helping them attain their place in life through academic and interpersonal success.


REACH is a very moving experience. One of our students wrote this ODE to REACH. Tell you what if this don't fill the tank and motivate you, nothing ever will!


By Jo R.

The "R" stands for relationships,
It's what we learn to build.
Whether with family, teachers, or a friend.
Having stronger relationships leave us fulfilled.

The "E" stands for education,
This they care about a lot.
On Tuesdays and Thursdays we work vigorously,
And we are always deep in thought.

The "A" stands for accountability,
This to me is the most essential.
Being called out for bad behaviors,
Makes us live our lives to our full potential.

The "C" stands for character,
This defines who you are.
In REACH we learn our qualities,
And learn to make them shine as bright as the North Star.

The "H" stands for hard work,
This is done by the students and staff.
Even though sometimes we cry and are serious,
People like Harlander know to chaff.

The REACH team is my family,
Whom I have grown to love and trust.
It is the one place I feel understood,
And feeling loved is a very big must.

Mr. Wuetrich is said to be "BA",
Because he is so 'style'.
He always makes me feel accepted,
By greeting me daily with a smile.

Mrs. Young always appeared to be strict,
But she certainly has lightened up a bit.
She is extremely sarcastic and makes me laugh,
Because of her utmost wit.

Mr. Harlander is Superman,
And that is the truth.
He may not be able to fly,
But he sure has impacted the lives of many youth.

Mrs. Morrow is our angel.
She will always lend an ear.
She puts up with our drama,
And wipes away our tears.

So ode to the REACH Program,
As it saves many lives.
I hope it sticks around forever,
And in time becomes worldwide!