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2012 Greenway Day to REACH Football Camp Recap

The 2012 Chad Greenway Day to REACH Football camp was a great success. This two day camp took place in Hutchinson, MN at Hutchinson High School. Over 200 campers from Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin enjoyed two days of developing their football skills along with participating in character building sessions focusing on Relationship, Education, Accountability, Character, and Hard work.

Here is a quick video from the camp:

Here is a letter we received after the camp: I brought my grandson, an eleven year old hispanic boy and his Laotian friend who had never played football. My grandson discoverd football last year, but was way behind on skills since it was his first year. I talked him into the camp to help his skills. Little did I know how much it would mean to him. There is no better professional athlete that could represent your values than Chad Greenway. I stayed for all of the sessions on both days. I was thoroughly impressed with his ability to relate to the kids and meet them on their level. After lunch on the first day, my grandson rushed to me and shared his enthusiasm that Chad Greenway had high fived him. Since he is going into the sixth grade, he was on the field for the afternoon session. When he came off the field all he could hardly contain his excitement as he talked about was how Chad Greenway had tackled him during one of the drills. I don't think there is anything that that Mr. Greenway can do to fall of my grandson's pedistal. On the second day, he somehow manipulated the counting off in order to be with Chad during the small group skills. He is floating. It was also very important to me that he wanted to also get Coach Harley's autograph. You have done a tremendous thing to a small boy is has talked about being lost since he is half mexican and half white and feels that he does not feel he fits in to either group. Football last year was a saving grace for him since he had had some minor brushes with the law. He is stocky and therefore plays the line, but he has accepted that and took pride in whatever he could accomplish. Your volunteer coaches were all so great with the boys. Their patience and gentle pushing was the best I have ever seen. All I can say is THANK YOU ALL FOR ALL YOU DID. You can never truly appreciate how much you have affected the lives of children who have minimal talent but strong desires. By the way, his Laotian friend talked about how much he liked being around the Vikings people. Maybe it is a start for him also. E. Lynn Herrick, MS, LMFT Licensed Psychologist

Here is another letter we received after the camp: The 2012 Day to REACH camp was the second camp I have attended with players on my Jr. High teams here at Lakeview High School in Cottonwood, Minn. The Hutchinson School District and the city of Hutchinson in very blessed to have Chad Harlander organize and bring this remarkable event to the forefront for so many youngsters. I know my players were buzzing after the 2010 Day to REACH camp and I have noticed at distinct change in their outlook on life. This camp has made a very noticeable change in attitude and how they appoach life on and off the field. The 2012 Day to REACH Camp has also made an impact on my players and how they approach life and I know they will be better citizens because of this experience. The Coaches and Volunteers I got to work with were awesome and I came away from the camp with a new way to motvate not only my players but myself. I saw so much positive interaction from all those involved. Chad Greenway and John Carlson let the kids know that not that long ago, they were in the same position as those in attendance at this camp. Their interaction with everyone there shows that hard work and doing things the right way go along ways to being successful in whatever you do. When you work hard, good things happen. I was particularly inpressed with how all the drills, videos, National gaurd wall and obatacle course made all of the participants aware that there are many good people out there that they can be teamates with. Boys from LItchfield, Marshall, Tracy, Winsted, Cottonwood, Redwood Falls, Wabasso, Walnut Grove, Westbrook to name a few, really became teamates in a very short time. When I was working with the campers in drills with various exercises and team type events, I wanted to just take a random 11 and form them into a cohesive football team. With the energy and excitement this camp generated, I know there could be many teams formed from all over that could form a good team but for two days, they were TEAM GREENWAY/ The theme this year was that Today is a Gift. That really hit home with my players as well as myself and it will carry on in the future. It was a super experience and our boys will be back again next year. Thankyou and remember TODAY IS A GIFT Coach Ray

We will be doing the Spooky Sprint this October, 2012. For more information, stay tuned at http://www.spookysprint.org.

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